Dear Men, It’s Very OK To Avoid Dating Broke Women; Here’s Why

Dear Men, It’s Very OK To Avoid Dating Broke Women; Here’s Why

Especially if you’ve got your own finances together, they will be short fused and constantly on edge because they feel low. It’s not your job to be there for them when they are constantly feeling low, don’t buy their bs that you’re unsupportive because you don’t want to listen to their problems all the time. But only with you, ofc outside they are delightful to others. For more on helping him become the person he knows he can be and deserves to be, feel free to check out the video below. While he will have to do a lot on his own, you being by his side will benefit greatly.

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I bet you’re constantly asking yourself, “Why do I attract bad guys? A person whose heart has been broken in an awful way and whose soul has been deeply hurt by those they trusted is not as confident as others. You’ll want to find out all about the reasons behind him becoming broken, but you must be aware that like it he probably won’t tell you about them. Maybe you’re used to the people you date acting romantically, but this man is so scared of getting hurt that he won’t be able to act that way right away. If the reason he’s emotionally damaged is that a woman he dated cheated on him, he will surely be controlling.

You need to help him for the right reason

However, it’s a bit more challenging for women to date below their financial status. Women are naturally drawn to a provider, it’s in our genes. Though she desperately tries to help her partner, what she’s really trying to do is change him.

It’s better to look for a man who will be dedicated to you and will weave dreams and memories exclusively with you. First of all, you may struggle to confide even in your closest people about your relationship. When that relationship is far from fulfilling, this can become an increasingly lonely experience. Even if you do, most people will advise you to end things and move on rather than understand your situation. You will feel constantly play second fiddle to his familyYou may not be able to go out on dates or do things together, not as often as any other couple would anyway.

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That’s not too much to ask for in any relationship, so simply don’t make a mistake that could cost you your chance for love. You will have to work hard, so it can be quite exhausting to be with a man who is emotionally damaged, and it requires perseverance. He is simply dealing with a lot of feelings, which creates internal noise, so he avoids going to loud places, and even speaking a lot. Dating a man with a broken heart will make you see how reserved and quiet he can be.

There are very few men whose masculinity is not attached to the benefits of patriarchy. I have never and do not expect a man to give me his money or take care of me. If a man gives me money then that’s fine, but I have never asked a partner for money and I certainly do not expect it. You are constantly having to affirm the man’s manhood by subordinating yourself, at all times paralysed by the fear of offending lest you be accused of doing so because you’re the one bringing the bacon home.

But the truth is that when someone wants to change, they will first put in an effort to do so. It would, therefore, be an undeniable fact that most of the men she is bound to date will likely be damaged. The hypothetical case of Abigail is a reality for most girls. And if you happen to be amongst such, seek help from a qualified therapist.

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